Are You Sure You Are Saved?


Are you sure you are saved?  Millions of Christian church members worldwide were asked this question years ago by the Campus of Crusade for Christ International.  The survey results showed that up to 90% of all good, church-going Christians were unsure.  The reason so many people doubt their salvation may be that they dont understand what it means to be saved.  Some people may think that to be saved one must feel saved. While it’s true that a few people have a spiritual experience at the point of their salvation, most do not.  Emotions can’t be used as the evidence of salvation because they are too deceptive.

Other people may think that being tempted and falling into sin is impossible once they are saved.  This is not true . Salvation wipes out our past sinful history, but it does not immediately make us holy. Changing our character will take time; it will take a sincere commitment to eliminate ungodly habits and behavior.

So, believers sometimes lose the battle to temptation and occasionally do what is wrong too.  However, when we are saved there is a sincere desire to do what is right out of love for God and we regret doing anything that we know will offend God.  And we are quick to repent.  Please understand that repentance means turning around and going in the other direction. Repentance is a heart change; it is not simply a movement of the lips mouthing empty words.  Continually choosing to do what is wrong is evidence of an unchanged heart and an unsaved life.

It’s also possible for god-fearing people to know about Christ and to be devoted to a Christian denomination without really knowing Christ.  Salvation has nothing to do with adherence to church laws and regulations and doing good things for others.  These things are good, but they are not the way we are saved.

Salvation comes by faith in the Word of God.  To be certain of your eternal position with God you must first determine if you trust God enough to believe what He has said in scripture.  The Bible is the written Word of God and is all 100% literally true.  It forms the foundation of our faith, and if any part of it is disregarded, we are ignoring part of God’s message to us.  You can’t believe one truth and toss out the rest.  Every written word was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Everything you need to know about God (the Father), salvation through Christ (God the Son), and God, the Holy Spirit, is in the Bible.  All scripture must be trusted as your complete and unfailing source for the answers you are seeking.  But, to receive what you need, you must first believe.  Those who do not believe that the Christian bible is ‘the’ guide book for living, and that the words in the bible originated with God, are missing the fundamental source of assurance.

It’s impossible for anyone to give their life over to God without trusting that His plan will benefit them better than their own plans.  Trust comes by knowing someone’s nature.  For instance, a child learning to swim will jump into the water into his father’s arms because he trusts that he will be caught.  He is unafraid because he knows his father’s nature.  A father reveals himself daily to his child by what he does and says.  He earns his child’s trust by his consistent and unfailing love.  God reveals Himself to you and me through what He does in our lives, and through what He says through scripture.  He has done this so that we will come to know and trust Him.  And all who leap out in child-like faith to grab hold of His promise of eternal life will be saved and experience an inner transformation in this life as well.

Salvation means being rescued from something.  In the case of Christian salvation, it means being rescued from eternal separation from God.  The bible tells us that we were created to have a special relationship with God and to be with Him forever.  Unfortunately, Adam did something God told Him not to do and that original plan changed.  But disobedience did not change God’s love for us.  He provided the way to receive our original destiny and renew our broken relationship with Him.  Romans 5:8 tells us that God showed how much he loved us by having Christ die for us, even though we were sinful.  The pact that bridges the gap separating man from God is Jesus.  He is the only bonding agent God will accept.

God has promised in Romans 10:9 that you will be saved, if you honestly say, “Jesus is Lord” and if you believe with all your heart that God raised him from death.  This is the greatest gift any of us will ever receive and cause for much celebration.

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