Don’t Let Your Mistakes Limit You


Life is a comedy of errors. No one attains success in this life without failing multiple times first. It is a grave mistake to think that you need to have a clear vision of your life’s purpose, or that you have to have everything in perfect order before you begin your journey toward your goal. Success won’t come to anyone who is not willing to risk making mistakes, and who is not willing to risk falling flat on their face more than once.

When have you learned life’s most valuable lessons? For me, the most valuable lessons have been learned in the worst of times. Something wonderful can happen to us when we are stretched to the limits of our physical, emotional and spiritual limits, and when we come face to face with who we really are. It is under pressure that we are forced to acknowledge our weaknesses; these are the times when we suddenly realize that we can’t overcome the obstacles of life alone.

God hates prideful attitudes because it limits what He can do in and through us; it is only in a state of weak humility that God is able to exhibit His power. That is why God wants broken vessels. He has always chosen submissive people to do great things, because the people who have been humbled through the trials of life are the ones most willing to do things God’s way.

The great leaders of the Bible are perfect examples. An old man was used by God to be the father of many nations. A man with a speech problem was sent to convince a Pharaoh to release the Jewish nation. A small, timid boy was used to destroy an arrogant giant of a man. Twelve ordinary men were used to spread the message of salvation to the world. God has always used flawed individuals-cracked pots-to accomplish miraculous things. He intentionally uses the things that the world considers foolish to show us that no one can ever boast in their own abilities.

We are God’s tools here on earth created for His purpose. The skills, talents and abilities you have been given are meant to be put to good use. Your untapped resources will begin to develop as you begin to take action toward your goal. Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes on your way to success. Failing at something doesn’t make you a failure, it just means you have not found the winning combination yet .

Whatever you need to complete your god-given undertaking is already within you. God endows each of us with something unique that we are expected to put to use for the fulfillment of His design for our lives. There are so many people who have a burning passion to accomplish something and never see it fulfilled. They die and are buried with unused talents and abilities that could have brought them great satisfaction while glorifying God in the process. Please do not let the fear of failure stop you from following your hearts’ desire.

Is there something special you dream of doing with your life? Have you prayed about it? Have you sought out godly counsel regarding your desire? Will this plan be a tribute to God? Will it help others? Will it give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment? Will it bring joy into your existence? If you answered yes to these questions, then, get started and don’t quit trying until you see it happen.

God asked the Israelites‘How long will it be before you claim your inheritance? Perhaps you are being asked that same question.

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