Fulfillment Starts And Ends With God


Why do you think God made man as the only living creature with the ability to become bored? It is said that one of the unfailing laws of the universe is its tendency to fill up an empty space. Billy Graham once stated that boredom is one of the sure ways to measure your own inner emptiness. He considered boredom to be as accurate as a thermometer for telling you how hollow your inner spirit really is. Now, don’t misunderstand what I am saying. We all get bored at one time or another. This type of boredom is short-lived. The boredom I am speaking of here is the state of bone-weariness and mental restlessness that keeps us on edge and won’t go away; it’s an emptiness which compels us to stay in motion in search for the missing piece, until the nagging hunger is satisfied. That vacuum—that inner hunger—sets us on a quest for ‘an unknown something’. Why do you think God made us this way?

Our frustration, anxiety, worry, fear and even anger may be symptoms of a hidden need that is screaming to be uncovered. And, because the world system is set up to quickly gratify our desires, It is essential for us to know what we really need, or we will fruitlessly try to fill this inner need with whatever the world offers us. Too many have already been duped into thinking that happiness can be found in the quantity and quality of what they have, what they can accomplish, and how good they look.

If you take a careful look at the behavior of those around you, as well as your own, you will notice that we are all set in motion by what we think we lack. (Now this is where you have to do some soul searching). With what have you tried to fill your emptiness? Recognition? Money? Success? Love? Admiration? Work? Volunteering to help one good cause after another? Perhaps you’ve tried to get your fill on booze, drugs or sexual pleasures. We have all tried to fill up the internal hollowness with one or all of these things at one point in our lives. Some of us are still searching—because vacuums must be filled.

I’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating. The sad reality is that most individuals don’t realize, or are unwilling to face, their real need. This is the reason we go through the majority of our lives trying to fill an internal need with whatever is externally available. Confusing the things we need with the things we want-especially when they are outside of God’s will for our lives- occupies our time with pointless activity instead of godly productivity. The elements you lack to get where you need to go and be who you need to be, is your real need. These are the elements that will help you fulfill God’s plan for your life. Self-centered desires, on the other hand, are non-essentials that are not requirements for the fulfillment of your purpose.

We have to stop running after the wrong things and biting off more than we can chew for the wrong reasons. Let’s start asking what we are getting out of the activity we have taken on and compare it to other things we could be doing that would produce more or better results. Just because we elected to take something on, doesn’t mean we have to do it forever. We can make new choices, negotiate new agreements and still maintain our integrity. To make room for what we need we must get rid of what we don’t need. This requires a ruthless evaluation of everything we do and why we do it. Simply make the list and be honest.

You can’t put any more into a full cup. When our lives are filled to the brim, there’s no room for anything else to come in—including God. As our lives become more and more frenetic, we often become stressed, our health suffers, we have less fun, and we feel more and more powerless. Our lives fill up by choice or by default. Let’s choose to occupy our time wisely. Are you presently doing something with your life that gives you joy, benefits others, and glorifies God? What would you choose to do if money was not an issue? Do you have the skills and abilities to do it? If not, are you willing to develop them? Are you happy with whom you have become?

There is a God-given purpose for you that the devil doesn’t want us to fulfill. His main mission is to keep us from finding Christ. If that doesn’t work he will make sure we get trapped on a hamster wheel that keeps us running so fast that we can’t focus on what really matters. Far too many of us get caught up snacking on the‘fluff of life’instead of getting filled up with the bread of life.

We are all in search of that missing‘peace’of the puzzle and are compelled to find it. Like Solomon states in the book of Ecclesiastes, chasing after worldly pleasures is like chasing after the wind. Sooner or later we discover that nothing satisfies us for very long. Dissatisfaction and boredom with the temporary and physical things of this world gets us searching beyond what is seen.

We were designed incomplete because vacuums must be filled. God wants us to understand that our search for fulfillment will end—and our life’s purpose will begin—the moment we place Christ in that empty spot inside our hearts.

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