Get Ready


For a significant number of diverse people, December 31, 1999 was believed to be the last day of life as they knew it.  All computers were predicted to crash on the first of January 2000 .  This meant that everything relying on computers would stop functioning.  Water, electricity and the means to communicate would suddenly stop. ‘Y2K’ was the cause of panic for tens of thousands of people all over the world; the internet was flooded with strategies of ‘How-to-Survive’ beyond the year two thousand.

I found out about this catastrophic event while searching the internet for something completely unrelated—which was soon set aside and forgotten.  For close to a year I continued to read what people were saying about the possibilities of this worldwide computer crash and discovered that the government and large corporations were getting prepared for the worst.  The fact that people in-the-know were taking this event seriously really got my attention.

My family and I considered possible scenarios, and our options if the gloomy forecast turned out to be true.  We concluded that desperate people will turn to desperate measures to obtain what they desperately need.  Lack of essentials, such as food and water, have been known to cause hostility in otherwise docile people.  We decided that a move to the country would be the best way to become self-sufficient; giving us the best chance to survive in worst case-scenarios.  This was not an emotional decision, I assure you that panic was not in the equation.  We did not move because we believed that the world was doomed.  We moved because something else could cause things to drastically change even if Y2K didn’t happen.  And all the evidence was telling us that cities would be the worst places to be during any catastrophic happening.  That is why we sold our city home and bought sixteen acres of neglected land, and a trailer that needed everything.

The 575 square foot trailer was a comfortable size for my dad who planned on living on the property with us.  Sadly, he didn’t live long enough to make the move with us.  So we took up residence in that old trailer at the end of 1999 and lived in close quarters until January 2010, while my husband almost single-handedly built our home.  It took ten years to move into the house because he did the work himself and because we are committed to paying cash for everything we buy.  Consequently, if we don’t have the money for what we want, the purchase waits.  Our home may not be big enough or fancy enough for some people, but it is everything we dreamed it would be.  It is the fulfillment of a promise that God made to both of us on our wedding day.  The bible tells us that the blessings of God come without trouble added to them.  This is true.  Our home and everything in it are completely paid for.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that we don’t have to struggle to make payments to keep what we have.  I wish everyone could experience the peace of mind that being debt-free brings.

The point is this…Get Ready.  The world economy is quickly changing and if you are not prepared you will not survive what is coming.  Start planning your strategy.  If you can’t afford to buy something—don’t.  Pay cash.  Don’t borrow.  Live below your means—not beyond it.

I am not a Doomsday Prophet.  You will never see me standing in the streets with a sign that says “Repent! The end is coming!”  I don’t have to because the signs are clearly visible.  All you have to do is open your eyes and take notice.  Food and gas prices are skyrocketing.  Social security benefits are in a bind.  Loans are not as easy to get as they used to be.  Cities, states and even countries are going broke.  The little that was left of the moral fabric is quickly fraying.  The innocence of our children has been stolen by culprits with an agenda.  Wars, disease and natural disasters are escalating.  Anyone who cares to do the research will discover that we are on the verge of a very big change.  And that change is going to challenge us all.  When?  No one really knows.  However, it will happen just as the Bible predicts it will.

Some say the Bible is only a book.  Some say the Bible can be interpreted in many ways by many people; therefore making it impossible to know what it really says.  Some don’t believe that scripture is from God because it was written by fallible men; and translated over and over again by other fallible men.

However, there are valid reasons to believe that the Bible is truly the inspired word of God; there are valid reasons that support faith in Christ.  Actual archeological evidence exists proving the validity of the bible.  There are thousands of non-Christian manuscripts which support the writings of the disciples; verifying that the events, places and people written about were all real. Did you know that the bible is 30% prophetic?  That means that God has told us ahead of time what is going to happen to us and to the world we live in.  Over 300 prophesies were predicted by men of the bible that have all happened 100% as predicted.  There is convincing proof for those willing to do the research.  Skeptics, like Lee Strobel, who undertook a thorough investigation of scripture with the purpose of disproving it, became believers by what they discovered.

The Bible has predicted many catastrophic events that are yet to happen.  But you have to believe the bible is true to heed its warnings.  My prayer is that you make the choice to believe scripture because it is the most important choice you will ever make.

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