God Gives Us All A Choice


Love compels me to pray for people who are sick, to listen to them when they need a sounding board, and to give them advice when they ask me for it.  I do things for others because I care—with no strings attached. I do these things whether they like me or dislike me; or whether they love me or hate me. I will always do my best to help-when and if-someone really needs my help and asks me for it.

It is my primary duty as a Christian to pass along the message with which every Christian is assigned. The message is simply this—every human being was born with a sinful nature and is destined to go to hell. But, hell was the destination place for the angels that turned against God; hell was never meant for humans and God has given us a way to avoid going there. Salvation from eternal torment is possible through a simple choice to believe in what Jesus did for you.

It is not my duty as a Christian to push this message down anyone’s throat. When people tried this method with me and I ran the other way. Like so many others, I came to believe in the message of salvation because I tried everything else first—and nothing gave me the enduring peace and fulfillment I was searching for; nothing I tried changed my life for the better. Nothing was able to give me more than temporary reprieve from the mental anguish I often suffered.

My choice to believe in Christ as my personal Savior was the only thing that changed my inner life; which caused a progressive change in my outward behavior; which affected my relationships with others in a positive way. My love for God compels me to please Him by doing what He has instructed me to do, understanding that I am a work in progress. I continually work on my weak points and focus on strengthening the good ones; trying daily to get things right. Perfection is impossible for anyone; God simply expects us to do the best we can do every day, day after day, until our life here is finished.

We were all born into this world to choose who we will follow. We can choose to follow God or we can choose to follow the devil. One choice gives us eternal life in addition to a better life in the here and now. Peace of mind is a rare commodity in this world; highly sought after by everyone, yet can’t be purchased. Isn’t it ironic that it is freely available to those who make a decision to put their trust in God? If you choose to believe the right message you get to live forever with God in heaven. If you don’t…you won’t. It is that simple.

But, God is not a puppet master. He created every one of us with free will so that we can choose to choose Him. His desire has always been for mankind to want to love Him; however, the choice to love God must come from the heart. It cannot be faked or forced. I had to make a choice to accept or reject this truth. So do you.

The bottom line is this: The choice is yours and yours alone. I chose life. It’s your turn now.


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