Houses Of Glass


If we lived in glass houses we’d probably do things differently. The thought of someone watching our sloppy housekeeping would keep us from sweeping dirt under the rug or hiding our nasty laundry in the closet. I’m sure we’d also think twice before flying off the handle or doing anything else that would make us look bad.

Wait a minute. The Bible says that God lives in us; and that His presence should be evident to others. Then, it seems to me that we are houses of glass—transparent and unashamed to let people peer in. Nothing in our conduct should be so questionable that it casts doubt on Christ’s presence in us. Others should never have reason to lay hold of anything we’ve said or done and hold it against us. If Christ’s presence can’t be clearly seen in us it may be time for a good house cleaning.

Building our own character on the right foundation is absolutely necessary before we are equipped to withstand the stress and pressures of the world and stable enough to support others. People are starving for what we have to offer them; but all too often, they lose their appetite when they see that we are unwilling to partake of the meal ourselves. Non-believers remain skeptical and new believers fall away from the faith because they have seen Christians preaching one thing and doing quite another. It may help us all to remember that the more of our selves we are able to remove…the more clearly visible Christ will be.

People come to know the true nature of Christ when we consistently express attitudes of love, servitude, humility and obedience in our everyday lives; demonstrating a servant’s love, quick to forgive and to seek forgiveness. Selfish desires, unloving attitudes and ungodly behavior cast disheartening shadows on Christ, who resides in us. Besides, nothing is hidden for long in a glass house. Sooner or later, everything is exposed.

Our actions-more than our words-communicate who we really are. We’ve got to continually practice what we preach. We should be the first to seek and accept godly council and be courageous enough to make any necessary changes. Oftentimes, the only way to know what we are truly reflecting is to take a good look into a mirror someone has put in front of our face. Truth hurts…but growing pains often do.

Let’s seek truth above all else; boldly asking God to search our hearts for anything that does not match His nature. A person who has taken God’s Word to heart and bases everything else on this unshakable groundwork will remain stable in the worst of circumstances. We must ensure that we are continually drawing from the only source of absolute truth in order to meet God’s standards. Only then can we be sure that we are conducting our affairs responsibly, not guilty of any oversight, and free from fault.

Our beliefs are our operating system. Wouldn’t it be sensible to perform regular inventory of our inner workings to ensure we are functioning correctly? Smith Wigglesworth once said that victory over our flesh is an active, aggressive, moment-by-moment appropriation of truth. What that means is that it will take dedicated commitment to imitate Christ’s attitude of servitude, humility and obedience; it is a lifelong process of changing skins one scale at a time. By comparing what we see within our hearts against what God says should be there, we can begin to eliminate those ungodly things once and for all.

A heart inhabited completely by Christ is filled with love that cannot be contained. True inner faith always expresses itself through an outpouring of genuine love for others. Love, it is said, is the wellspring from which all good deeds flow. And, after all, that is what Christianity is all about.

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