Inconsequential Annoyances


It was over 100 degrees the day my husband and I made a last stop at HEB. We were both bone tired after a day of errands in the heat and had decided to let Golden Chick cook dinner. The a/c was left running to keep the ice cream from melting when we went in to order our food. 15 minutes later we were back at the car with family bucket in hand and our mouths watering and then couldn’t get the door open. The car had automatically locked when the door closed, and no matter how many different ways we tried, the remote wouldn’t work with the keys in the ignition. Another 20 minutes had gone by and the car was now running low on gas.

The crack in the driver’s window seemed large enough to get a wire through, so my husband went back to HEB in search of a wire or something else that might work. 20 minutes later he walks across the street laughing and waving a fly swatter! He had a plan I couldn’t understand, even as I watched him twist off the plastic swatter and toss it aside. Ah! Wire handle stretched. My hero! 1.5 hours after our stop we were homeward bound with a bucket of cold chicken and a bag of hot ice-cream slush. It was a good day. Quality time with your best friend always is.

‘Inconsequential Annoyances’ are everyday occurrences. Take a look at what can happen in one day…most of these have happened to us.

  • Your decision for that‘make-over’leaves you with purple hair and no eye-brows.
  • It’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner. Your turkey explodes into a cloud of dust and deflates.
  • The septic tank overflows one hour before your company arrives.
  • The game is lost because your son fumbles the ball at the final seconds of the 4th quarter. The neighbors won’t let you forget it.
  • You walk out of a public restroom and continue shopping for hours before you notice the paper stuck to your feet.
  • You drop your glasses on your way out the door to work or school and have to go through the day peering at the world through one lens.
  • You discover your skirt was inside your stockings after you’ve come home from a busy day shopping.
  • The raisin in your oatmeal turns out to be that fly you couldn’t catch.
  • The store clerk is rude.
  • Your coworker is unkind.
  • Someone says something that belittles you.
  • You neighbor ignores your greeting.
  • You do something kind and your motives are misjudged.
  • Someone with road rage flashes an obscene sign as they pass you by.
  • Your suggestions are never good enough.
  • You are always the one who has to compromise.
  • Everyone you talk to seems to ignore what you are saying.
  • You hear a rumor that attacks your integrity.
  • Your cell phone dies when you need a tow.
  • At your class reunion a school mate tells you how fat, old, sick or tired you look.
  • The neighbor’s animals won’t stop getting into the garbage, barking or meowing.
  • Everyone’s shoe is a poop magnet as soon as you’ve shampooed the carpet.
  • No one seems to pull their weight at work, home or church.
  • Your monthly date night is interrupted by an unannounced visitor.
  • The toilet paper is never there when you need it.
  • The computer crashes in the middle of your‘unsaved’final project.
  • Your car, computer, printer, refrigerator and a/c all go down at the same time.
  • Everyone beats you to the parking spaces and to the front of the line.
  • You say‘Please! NO ONIONS!! You get no lettuce, no pickles, no mayo, no mustard, a cold bun with tough meat and lots of onions.

Bothersome? Annoying? Irritating? Absolutely. And incidents like these can ruin your day if you let them. But, in the scheme of things do they really matter? Anything and everything is a possible annoyance to someone. Yet, most of these things will be quickly forgotten; to be replaced by another issue of little or no consequence. Our self-control will be challenged daily. Let’s learn to deal more effectively with the irritants of life and not allow little things to spoil our present moments.

Inconsequential annoyances have the potential of making our days much tougher than they should be. Focusing on the negative side of situations distorts our perspective. Find the good in everything. It will make life so much easier. A string of good days will give you a really great life. Besides, the funniest and most memorable times are the ones we’ve had to struggle through.

I was about 7 years old when the 5 o’clock news issued the tornado warning for our area. We’d been experiencing a lot of stormy weather so my uncle and I went outside to check things out to see if this was just another storm. I looked up to see my first funnel cloud coming toward us across the neighbor’s field. Without a word, my uncle went to his shed and came back with a shovel. He started digging a trench. I stood there shaking in my boots watching his slow progress with one eye, as my other eye watched the twister getting closer. He calmly kept digging…without haste…without fear. And, suddenly the funnel turned.

The moral: Turbulence will come your way—in all shapes and in all sizes. Learn to distinguish the significant issues from those that are trivial. Focus your efforts on things of consequence. Then start digging. Do whatever you can to help yourself…and keep praying for that twister to turn!

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