Laziness: The First Deadly Sin


Laziness. Lust. Anger. Jealousy. Envy. Gluttony. Greed. The first church fathers listed, in descending order, the attitudes they thought were the underlying cause of most of the evil in the world. They called them the‘7 Deadly Sins.’

Why is laziness the worst? The Hebrew word for lazy is rapah. It means to be negligent, despondent, or disheartened. It also means to quit. Laziness causes a person to carelessly neglect what they know should be done. It is the inclination to be indifferent about the performance of ones duties.

Scott Peck, social scientist-psychotherapy author, says that “Laziness is a major cause of evil, a primary cause of psychological illness, and the main reason that Americans are increasingly failing at human relations because lazy people find it too energy consuming to love others. Love is hard work. Laziness causes failed marriages since it takes effort to make a relationship work. Slothful people don’t want to commit to what takes hard work. They don’t want to make the changes necessary to produce the results that bring about happiness, and therefore don’t experience the joy of their salvation.”

A lazy person puts off till tomorrow what they know should be done today because they are…too tired, too old, too young, too sick, too poor, or too busy with more pressing matters. Waiting for a better time to do what we ought to do doesn’t seem to be sinful, but it is a sin of omission; an excuse for not wanting to be inconvenienced. Putting things off for another day becomes such a part of a person’s existence that one day they look in the mirror and realize that 20 years have gone by and that the things they intended to get done‘one day’are still undone.

What causes habitual laziness?

Lack of focus

Lack of purpose- which causes boredom and unhappiness.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success and the responsibilities it brings.

Feelings of inferiority.

Lack of motivation to help others as well as self

Selfishness or self-centeredness

Laziness and procrastination are mental attitudes that can be changed with the right focus and commitment. If you are resolved on doing God’s will instead of your own, and are determined to seek His approval more than the approval of others, things will begin to change for you. You can’t use yesterday’s failures to put off what can be done today. The time to act is now.

Laziness has been described as the demonic tendency for a person to remain fixed in the same place in spite of knowing that his moving into action will bring deliverance from the pain of his existence. The good news is that the deadness in our spirit can be replaced by feelings of contentment and fulfillment. How?

First and foremost—ask God to show you your purpose Surrender to God’s will

Ask yourself what you would do if money was not an issue

Take inventory of your skills and abilities

Think about ways to put these into use If you lack a special talent, determine if and how you can learn it

Work on becoming self-disciplined

Do everything with a spirit of excellence

Finish what you start

Getting started is the easy part. The newness of things always sets us on fire and makes us take off like rockets toward our goal. But, how long do rockets last? Visions that ignited our fire begin to fade out in light of the work it takes to get things done. Running the race is tiring and after a while we begin to slow down. Before long we take a comfortable seat on the sideline; deciding to put things off for another day so we can take it easy for a while and let someone else sweat for a while. After all, there will always be tomorrow.

Once you find your passion, don’t let anything destroy it. Keep visual reminders around you to keep the vision alive. This is called ‘Dream-Building.’The bible says that “a man without vision will perish.’This means that we all need to have purpose for our lives. Having something to hope for gives life meaning; hope makes us eagerly jump out of bed because we are anxiously anticipating the challenges of each new day. Vision pushes us toward a goal day in and day out in spite of a few snags in the program. Keeping our focus on the goal instead of on our circumstances enables us to keep running the race without falling out.

It is never too late to try to be all you can be. This is the only life you will ever have. Dedicate your energy to reaching your potential. Have faith in God and faith in yourself; have the courage to live your life to its fullest. Your purpose in life should be more than just making it from day to day. We all have to work to survive, but survival is not our end goal. You were created to do more. Don’t give up and don’t give in.

When life throws you a curve ball, just keep on swinging!

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