Reasons Why Prayers Aren’t Answered


If your prayers are not being answered consider what the bible says regarding reasons why…

  • The first thing to determine is whether you are saved.  Salvation is a god-given gift to those who proclaim belief in Jesus as the only way to gain eternal life.  The bible states in Romans 10:9-10,13 “If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.  Whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

If you have never done this, then God is under no obligation to come to your aid.  Why?  You have not been adopted into His family; therefore, you are not legally His child.  Christ is the only mediator to God, and accepting Him as your Savior gives you the adoption papers required to put you under God’s protection and authority; giving you direct access to God.  Until then, the only prayer God hears from the unsaved man or woman is the prayer of repentance and petition for salvation.  Satan has the authority to rule over your life until you confess your need for a Savior. Without Jesus in your life you won’t be able to fight against temptation and your prayers for relief won’t be answered.

  • Sin always separates us from God.  How can your prayers be answered when you have willingly closed the door to God?  Think of it this way…light and dark can’t occupy the same space at the same time.  Sin is spiritual darkness.  God is light.  God’s presence is absent while we are living in a state of spiritual darkness.  If He is absent in your life how can you expect Him to help you?

If you want your prayers to be answered you must admit that you’ve been doing wrong and repent.  Which, by the way, is not a matter of saying: ‘Oh, I’m so sorry’ today, and then doing the same thing again tomorrow.  Repentance is sincere regret for grieving God; it’s turning away from what you’ve been doing wrong, and making a real commitment to continue going in the right direction.  Seek out what God says in the Bible regarding what is right and follow those guidelines.  Study scripture daily so that you will know what you must avoid, and what you should do. Then do everything in your power to stay away from the things that will cause you to yield to temptation again.  Obedience, not perfection, is what pleases God.

  • What god are you serving?  Whatever your mind is continually focused on is the thing that has your full devotion.  Do you place God above your spouse, your children, your church family, your job and your own interests?  Prayer is hindered when our pride, a person, a thing, or even a spiritual experience is made a priority over God.
  • If you have not forgiven others for what they have done to you-whether intentionally or not-your prayers will not be answered.  Scripture tells us to forgive others so that God will forgive us; which puts us in a position to receive emotional and physical healing.
  • What is it you are asking God to give you?  A good Father who loves His children wants the best for them.  What you may be requesting may be a good thing; but, it may not be in your best interest.  The last thing God wants is to give you something that will harm you.
  • What are your motives behind your prayer? God doesn’t want you to have anything that will keep you away from a closer relationship with Him or from the purpose He has for us.
  • The time may not be right for what you want. Are you ready to handle what you are asking God to give you?  If you are experiencing problems due to your own faulty decision making, you are not ready for all that can be yours.  Deal with the issues in your life that are causing your problems so that you can mature into the person God intended you to be.  When God sees you can handle a little, He will give you more.
  • The answer to prayer is often delayed because the devil and his army are fighting hard to keep us from fulfilling God’s purpose.  Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy everything we can be for God. We were all created for a purpose and the devil wants to confuse us so that we never discover what that purpose is.

Review this list again. If you are sure you are saved; if you have repented and are committed to obeying God, and if your motives are good, then be patient.  Don’t expect an answer to come immediately, but trust that it will come.  When your request is in God’s will for your life it will happen.  Stay focused on God; keep praying until you see it come to pass.  And keep on walking.


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    Is it possible to reprint this post in one of my upcoming church magazines called “Forward”? We print once per year and this may not make it for 2017. However, I would love to include this piece in one of our publications. Please let me know.

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