The Key To Changing Our Eating Habits


The body is a marvelous handiwork created by the Master Artisan. Although we aren’t meant to live forever in this physical form God does want us to be healthy. Why else would He have given us specific instructions that lead to good health? Why else would He have designed our body to self-heal? It is believed that little or nothing in our body is more than about 10 years old. A great many of our body’s parts are constantly repairing and replacing themselves. For example, the epidermal cells that cover the entire surface of our skin never get older than one month. New cells are continually produced by cell division deep in the epidermis, while the older ones are continually shed off at the surface. The cells lining our intestines completely replace themselves every 4 days. Our red blood cells are entirely replaced about every 90 days and our white blood cells are replaced about every week. Thanks to cell turnover and replacement most of the organs in the body of a 90-year-old are perhaps no older than those of a child.

This being the case, why aren’t we all is fantastic health? The most obvious reason is that new cells are built from the available ingredients within our body. The foods we consume are broken down into usable ingredients for the maintenance of our bodies and unusable material is eliminated. Only wholesome, nutritious foods is able to provide the body with the right building materials for the construction of strong cells. Only strong cells can build an immune system powerful enough to fight off invading pathogens and environmental toxins, and help us to recover from injuries faster. Something as simple as eating wholesome foods has reversed Cancer and Diabetes, and other so-called incurable diseases in countless people. A proper diet is able to keep these diseases from becoming issues in people who are already in good health.

I discovered the benefits of a low carb diet about ten years ago; after being told that my total cholesterol was 301. The doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor, but I refused the prescription because of its known side effects. His response: “What would you like to do then?” I told him that I believed that ‘we are what we eat’, and that I would change my eating habits. (I must have been eating a lot of pork! I weighed 165 pounds). He agreed to my nutritional approach and scheduled a follow-up.

My husband and I researched all types of diets and decided on low-carb. We were both on a mission; we followed the Atkins eating guidelines and timelines exactly as suggested. The first few weeks were the hardest because we had to eliminate everything that had sugar or that turned into sugar in the body. White bread, white rice, pasta, beans white potatoes and fruits were off limits during the ‘induction’ period. We stretched this out from two weeks to four to kick our weight loss into hi-gear. It wasn’t easy. But it was well worth the effort. In six months my triglycerides went down 110 points, I lost 25 pounds, 2 dress sizes and my allergies vanished. My husband found his waist and abs, and tossed out his antacids. Within a year my total cholesterol dropped below 200, my triglycerides dropped 180 points; HDL went up and LDL went down.

Atkins opened our eyes to the wonder-working miracle of good nutrition. But diets don’t continue to work if you don’t keep working them. Our ‘cheat day’ on Thanksgiving and Christmas stretched past March of the following year. A birthday took weeks to celebrate, and then we had “I don’t feel like starving myself today” days. We rode this roller coater for years until I got off last September. No more diets for me! But…I am now 135 lbs and size 10. Want to know how?

I searched the bible for what God says about health and nutrition and started following His guidelines instead. In moderation…all God-made foods (natural and unaltered) are good for eating. Altered, man-made, foods are not. I stay away from white sugar, white flour, white rice, anything with preservatives, chemicals, or artificial colorings. Anything without nutritional value is worthless; as well as bad for our health. I eat good carbs in the morning and before noon. This includes fruits. But no more than 2 fruits a day. I eat protein (never carbs) at night. Protein is a muscle builder and will work quietly on doing its job as we sleep. Carbs are for energy and kick our body into motion. A sugar rush is the last thing we need before going to bed.

The best way to change your eating habits is to change your thinking first. Do NOT think of healthy eating as a diet. Diets are restrictive. And we always crave the things we can’t have. Start by replacing unhealthy foods with nutritious, good-tasting foods, one food at a time. Stevia for sugar. Whole grains for boxed cereal. Fruits, nuts and veggies instead of sweets or chips. Do this and you will soon be eating as God intended…and enjoying it!

It excites me to think that I am honoring God by getting stronger and healthier with every bite of wholesome food I eat.

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