Trust In God Dispels Every Fear


My heart was pounding as I sat in the waiting room. I went to check on symptoms that crept up suddenly—otherwise, I wouldn’t have been there. As usual, the visit started with a weight check. Since doctor scales are always off by at least 10 pounds, I’ve decided to toss off every stitch and accessory before setting my feet on that thing again.

I waited 20 minutes in the exam room before the nurse came in to fill out the‘malady chart’and take my vitals. I’m sure someone was timing her with a stop watch, because she threw out questions so fast that I got breathless trying to keep up. Naturally, that’s when she decided to take my blood pressure! She informed me that it was“161 over something or other”; looked at me over her eyelids, raised one eyebrow and made a notation. As she headed out the door she told me to strip and put on the flimsy gown that was folded like a napkin on the table.

After sitting for 30 minutes on the cold steel table—that was strategically positioned in line with the air conditioning vent—in a gown that wouldn’t stay closed, I was chilled to the bone. By the time the doctor made his grand entrance my teeth were chattering and my hands and feet were numb. The doctor introduced himself and proceeded to tell me that I was“ A walking time-bomb that would blow up if blood pressure medication was not launched immediately”. (O.K. Who agrees that this is not the way to help lower blood pressure?) To which I said…“This is ‘white-coat syndrome’, He frowned at my diagnosis and said,“No, it’s not. But, all I can do is warn you. It’s your body. Your choice.’I went on…“I took my pressure at home and it was fine. Besides, medication can cause more problems than it fixes. There are serious side effects to Lipitor, and I want to do things as naturally as I can. I’m exercising and eating healthy (except this week…I ate an entire Cheesecake by myself), and I am sure this is stress-related.” He watched expressionless as I attempted to stop my knees from shaking, but I could tell he thought I was nuts! He says“You’ve been warned. Do what you want.”After a two minute exam he handed me the prescription—stated emphatically that he’d done his due diligence, and wouldn’t be responsible for my death if I didn’t take what he prescribed. He turned around and walked away…shaking his head.

I was quaking in my shoes when I left the exam room, and never so glad to see my husband in the waiting room. I disclosed the horrible diagnosis as I walked toward him. And as we exited the‘Office of Doom”, I was seriously considering making funeral arrangements. Thankfully, my husband had a better idea. He suggested we take a look inside the antique store across the street.

We strolled around enjoying the collectibles and I walked out with something I couldn’t live without. We stopped at Wal-Mart, to get a few necessities and‘think’about getting the prescription filled. What do you think blocked my way as we rounded the corner to the pharmacy? Yes, a blood pressure machine. Eric ignored my grimace and coaxed me into the chair to check my pressure again. He wanted me to be convinced that there was nothing physically wrong with me. He smiled sheepishly as I slipped my arm into the device and waited for the results. News Flash!!! Shopping is a miracle cure!

This is why I refused to automatically believe a diagnosis that put me in a high-risk category, with no other recourse but to pop potent pills for the rest of my life. I believe in getting second and third expert opinions, because statistically almost 1/2 of all medical diagnosis are incorrect. Don’t misunderstand. I’m grateful for people with God-given ability to heal others, and for medications that ease pain and help our bodies heal. God created our bodies to heal themselves, but sometimes disease and sickness hinders this process. Physicians are trained to know how to improve the conditions for the body to heal itself. So, they are desperately needed. I’m not advocating faith-healing alone. However, doctors are not infallible and medications are not a cure-all.

Our ultimate faith and trust is to be in God, not in doctors or medicine. In all critical life decisions, we should seek God first, who promises to give us wisdom when we ask for it. We must give God control when we are faced with a dilemma of any kind, so that our emotions will not take control. Trust in God dispels every fear. Scripture tells us that‘as a man thinks, so he is’. Our mind, body and spirit work in unity, and each affects the other. The bible says that a peaceful mind gives life to the body, but jealousy and envy rot the bones. It says that the will to live can get you through sickness, but no one can live with a broken spirit. Research has proven this to be true. We can’t think anything without it having a consequence. So, a great majority of our problems are caused by faulty thinking and wrong perspectives regarding God, ourselves and others.

How many of us are allowing the wrong perspectives to rule our behavior? If we don’t get our thoughts in line with what the bible says about every aspect of our lives, we may continue to suffer the consequences.

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